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2 Genuine Hoover Extension Wands 38634078 Windtunnel, Tempo, Legacy, Elite, Savvy

2 Genuine Hoover Extension Wands 38634078 Windtunnel, Tempo, Legacy, Elite, Savvy


Product Description

2 Genuine attachment wands for Hoover Upright and Canister Vacuum Cleaners
Part # 38634078
Fits: Hoover Windtunnel, Elite, Savvy, Tempo, Legacy and so much more.  Below is a large list of model numbers that this tool should fit.  (Press Ctrl & F on your computer to seach by your model number.  Type in the letter and first 4 numbers of your model number to see if it is listed below.)
If you are unsure if this part will fit your vacuum call us toll free with your model number at 877-656-4861.
  • C1099, C1409-910, C1411-930, C1412-900, C1413-900, C1413-930,C1414-900, C1700-900, C1701-900, C1702-900, C1703-900, C1703-920,C1705-900, C1712-900


  • S SERIES CANISTERS:S5680, S5682, S5684, S5684-035, S5686, S5688, S5690, S5692, S6529,S6530, S6530-600, S6543, S6545, S6545-600, S6547, S6550, S6550-600,S6551-600, S6631, S6633, S6635, S6640, S6640-600, S6641, S6650,S6650-600, S6751, S6755, S6757, S6760, S6760-600


  • 1000-3000 SERIES:U1025, U3101, U3103, U3105, U3105-035, U3105-930, U3107, U3109,U3109-100, U3223-9, U3225, U3305, U3305-030, U3307, U3311, U3315,U3315-070, U3317, U3319-9, U3319-970, U3329, U3331, U3335, U3339,U3341-900, U3345-900, U3715-930, U3721-910, U3721-930, U3725-930,U3729-910, U3729-930, U3737-910, U3737-930


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