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Oreck XL Belts O-010-0604 Bissell Style 8 & Style 14

Oreck XL Belts O-010-0604 Bissell Style 8 & Style 14


Product Description

Aftermarket Oreck Belt

Fits Oreck XL upright vacuum cleaners using belt
Also all vacuums using Bissell Style 8 & 14 belts

If you're not sure call me toll free with your model number at 877-656-4861 and I'll make sure you get right belts. 


Keep your Power Nozzle and brush roll agitator working like new all the time. All vacuum belts should be replaced at least every six months. Compare a belt that has been installed on your vacuum for 6 months (even if you haven't even turned the vacuum on) with a new one and you'll see for yourself how much bigger around it is and you'll understand why it's not picking up dirt like it used to. Belts stretch and lose elasticity and will cause the brush-roll to slip as the vacuum is agitating your carpets rather than spinning at the full speed required to deep clean your carpets


WARNING: Failure to change your vacuum cleaners belt at least once a year will takes years off the life of your carpets and flooring. A little rubber band is the cheapest and the most important part on your vacuum cleaner. It must be tight enough to make the brush roll spin fast enough when its forced into the carpets fibers to agitate and loosen the heavy soils so the vacuum can suck them out of the carpets.

WHY do vacuum belts NEED Changed if they're not broken?
It's hard to get a new vacuum belt on because it is much shorter than the old belt. Every day your belt looses elacsticity (think of a 2 inch rubber band that you stretch to 4 inches and leave it that way for a few months) Even if your vacuum has never been turned on the belt is stretching and loosing elasticity as you read this. Each day it doesn't work quite as well as the day before. It may still pick up hair and  dust but can't agitate the heavy sandy, gritty soils to the surface of the carpet fibers to be vacuumed out. After 6 months the brush-roll really starts to slow down. It may even stop spinning completely when it contacts the carpet. 

Slipping belts and/or brush-roll agitator may cause the following: 

  1. 1.     pre-mature wear of the agitator
  2. 2.      poor sweeping results. 
  3. 3.     Shortened belt life and performance

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